Money Back!


Get up to 100 times your money if you have 1 match loser. Take a multiple bet on 2 or more matches and if a single match or event loses you are eligible for a cash back offer. The higher your chances are, the more refund you can claim. In order for your ticket to be eligible for this promotion, the following terms and conditions apply:


1x  Cash Back

Winning ods  34+

2x  Cash Back

Winning ods 104+

10x  Cash Back

Winning ods 504+

20x   Cash Back

Winning ods 1004+

50x  Cash Back

Winning ods 2004+



1. This promotion is not valid for single bets

2. Your ticket must have at least 1 match from the pre-match offer.

3. This promotion is not valid for split bets (system bets)

4 Bonus odds are not calculated for this promotion, your winning odds for this promotion will be determined by multiplying the winning odds of your bet. The odds of the losing match will not be calculated.

5. This promotion is valid for online customers.

6. Only tickets with exactly 1 losing match will be valid for this promotion.


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